93 ft. Monterey High Stadium Lights in OUR residential neighborhood? = NOT GOOD!
93 ft. Monterey High Stadium Lights 
in OUR residential neighborhood? 
Let’s look at the facts:
We will have more information about the EIR as things progress. There will be updates about a possible tour of the property to see the revised master plan, talk with the board members and see the new additions to the school from Measure I bond money. 
Stay tuned…
In 2009, School Superintendent Marylin Sheppard signed an agreement that stated no permanent lights would be put in place at the Monterey High School sports field.

She also said that if lights were ever to be considered, that MPUSD would do an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

MPUSD wants to spend $12,000,000 to create a new field on campus, add 500 new bleacher seats to the stadium, eliminate more than 200 parking spaces on campus and most impactfully, add 42 light fixtures on 4 light poles ranging from 70’ to 93’ tall. The MHS field is used now - with existing lights and parking and there have been no complaints. Here’s how tall 93' is:

MPUSD commissioned a study called a Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration 
to determine what the impact would be on the neighborhood in terms of light, noise, traffic and parking.  
There were no actual studies done of any of those impacts and yet, their report concluded there would be no net impact.
 We disagree. So do these experts.

Here's what Professional Lighting, Noise and environmental experts had to say:  

Lighting expert James Benya opinion on the MPUSD stadium lighting project:
“The amount of light needed for football is 30-50 times the amount of light used for streets and parking lots. It is very difficult to mitigate the impact of a sports lighting system in a community setting; in all cases, the lighting must be designed very carefully, and, in some cases, the location of the field and the area’s topography may still render mitigation impossible.
This Project has ... significant impacts on potentially hundreds of adjacent off-campus properties..., including residences, and therefore should be required to prepare a complete EIR and undergo the review process called for by CEQA. Based on my review of this Project, in my opinion the lighting of the Project may cause significant impact(s) and substantial adverse changes to the environment.”
Noise consultant Derek Watry opinion on the MPUSD stadium lighting project:
“In my professional opinion, the noise analysis – or, rather, lack thereof – does not support the determination that “there will not be a significant effect in this case because revisions in the project have been made by or agreed to by the project proponent.” There is no support for this determination whatsoever because the PMND does not even consider any of the foreseeable direct or attendant operational noise sources such as loudspeaker noise, crowd noise (including feet stomping on metal bleachers and air horns), band and instrument noise, or noises associated with attendees parking their cars in the surrounding neighborhoods.
The PMND does not adequately investigate, consider, disclose, assess, and/or mitigate likely potential noise impacts. Based on my initial review, in my professional opinion, noise from the project is likely to result in substantial, or potentially substantial, adverse change to the environment.”
Environmental consultant Christina McGinnis opinion on the MPUSD stadium lighting project:
“The MND prepared on behalf of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District lacks critical information needed to evaluate the environmental impacts of the proposed improvements because the project description does not provide information regarding the existing or proposed level of use of the Athletic Field and of the proposed multi-use field, as well as the other project elements. .... Thus, the change in the number and potential impact of larger and more frequent events and their associated impacts to the immediate area has not been described, analyzed or assessed in any way, rendering the environmental analysis in the MND inadequate and incomplete.
“.... The project may result in a substantial, or potentially substantial, adverse change in the environment due to parking and traffic impacts. If the school district wants to pursue the project as proposed, the district should prepare an EIR.”
This same situation occurred in San Diego. Here’s what actual neighbors had to say about the impact:

Here’s what you can do
1. Contact the School Board:
2. Attend key School Board Meeting:
MPUSD District Office
540 Canyon del Rey Blvd #1, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940
(831) 392-3914
We support our kids, our schools and sports.  
Ask MPUSD to do a proper EIR to determine how this project will really impact our community.  
Please reach out and make your voice heard. You can make a difference.
1.  MPUSD is using a huge chunk ($12 million) of the bond money WE gave them to unnecessarily upgrade a football field while ignoring NECESSARY school improvements and repairs.
2. In their “study”, MPUSD characterizes the neighborhood surrounding MONTEREY HIGH as “commercial and visitor-serving” when in fact, the neighborhood is zoned residential for many blocks on more than 3 sides of the school.
3. MPUSD has been planning this project since November 2018 without even mentioning it to the residents who live NEARBY and whose property values will be significantly impacted. There has been minimal conversation, inquiry or invitation for input or feedback.
4. When asked why they would spend all $12 million for 7 football home games, they replied that “there are many MHS sports programs that will use it.” When asked if that meant the lighted field would be used only for MHS sports, they replied “No.” That means night after night of lights and noise in our quiet neighborhood.
5. MPUSD is required to rent the field to other non school groups willing to pay. Get a first hand account of how that works out in the “San Diego Video” above.
All we ask is that MPUSD be a good neighbor